Earn a Certificate in SwiftUI in 12 Weeks


Boost your iOS development toolkit to 2024 levels with solid training in real-world SwiftUI. Built by industry experts who use SwiftUI themselves, this certificate program will help you or your team meet the demands of modern app UI and UX.


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12 weeks

20-25 hrs/week

Enroll by

June 26th, 2024

Dates & times

July 1st – Sept 19th, 2024

Live sessions Mondays and Thursdays 9pm–10pm ET

SwiftUI Essentials Bootcamp Details

SwiftUI is a revolutionary Apple framework for creating UI across multiple platforms. It represents many advantages over the traditional UIKit framework, but can represent a challenge for developers experienced with UIKit-based apps. The Kodeco SwiftUI Essentials program provides a comprehensive learning experience designed to introduce developers with UIKit experience to SwiftUI.


Starting with the basics of UI, you’ll learn how to construct iOS apps using the new paradigm, enabling you to compare and contrast with your current UIKit-based approach. You’ll see how to connect different views together through hierarchical and tab-based navigation, with a deep focus on data flow through your app. You’ll also see how to integrate state-of-the-art concurrency and data persistence into your app, before focusing on performance optimization of SwiftUI apps.


Kodeco bootcamps are built around you having a mentor to ensure you have a firm grasp of each concept every week.  This program gives you the skillset you need to progress from being a UIKit developer to one fully versed in the latest SwiftUI technologies.


The current cohort runs from July 1 2024 to September 19 2024. The two live sessions per week are Mondays and Thursdays 9pm–10pm ET.


You have experience building iOS apps using UIKit, and are interested to discover how to use SwiftUI. You are self-driven and motivated to learn. Participation in this program requires consistently meeting deadlines and devoting at least 20 hours per week to your work, including two one-hour live classes per week. You have a Mac computer capable of running macOS Sonoma or later, as well as Xcode 15 or later.

Weeks 1-3

Dive straight in to the foundations of building modern UI using SwiftUI. Build out SwiftUI views and explore how navigation patterns can be used to allow your users to fluidly navigate through apps. You’ll also be able to connect your past constructions using UITabBarController and UINavigationController with their equivalents in the SwiftUI world. Alongside of this, you’ll plan and begin to develop your capstone project, which will incrementally incorporate the weekly capstone milestones assigned by your mentor.

Weeks 4–6

Now that you’ve become more comfortable with building inside of a reactive paradigm, you’ll begin to incorporate some other fundamental aspects of app-building, including data persistence, passing complex data between SwiftUI views, and how this new paradigm of state management affects your approach to app-building. You’ll also begin exploratory work on integrating the SwiftData framework into your apps.

Weeks 7–9

Networking is core to any modern app, and in this section you’ll begin to port over your existing understanding of iOS networking to the SwiftUI universe. The concepts of concurrency are core to working with SwiftUI, and you’ll pull in some core use cases that apply to both your UIKit and SwiftUI apps. You’ll finish off this section with a deep dive on performance optimization, which includes a look at how SwiftUI works behind the scenes, and how you can hack your SwiftUI app to make it fully performant and ultra-responsive.

Weeks 10–12

You’ve built up an expert-level understanding of SwiftUI and its underpinnings by this point — and this is where the rubber meets the road. Your capstone project, which you’ve been working on in parallel to deepening your understanding of SwiftUI, is now ready for its final touches. Bridge your UIKit understanding with just a few more SwiftUI touches, and you’ll have earned your certificate as a SwiftUI specialist. You’ll have a fine toolbox from which to build even more expansive SwiftUI apps, and even bring some SwiftUI magic into your existing UIKit apps!

Need to prepare?

You have foundational knowledge of the Swift programming language and know how to use Xcode, version control and Github. 
If you’re completely new to Swift, you may want to check out our Introduction to iOS  bootcamp first.

Concepts covered

  • iOS + Swift development
  • Professional app building
  • Portfolio development

On-Demand Bootcamps

If commiting to this cohorts schedule doesn't suit your life style, consider checking out our On-Demand Bootcamps.

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Earn a Certificate in SwiftUI in just 12 Weeks

SwiftUI Essentials

July 2024

  • Content co-created with industry experts
  • Real-world projects, hands-on experience
  • Feedback from advanced mentors
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$3,975 $1,975* one-time payment

*For information on flexible payment options, contact us at support@kodeco.com.

Mentors and Instructors

Renan Benatti Dias

Renan is a Software Engineer student by night and iOS developer by day. He likes to learn about new and fun ways to code. When not studying you can find him playing video games, watching Disney/Pixar movies or reading mangas.

Robert deLaurentis

I started programming pocket calculators in the 1970s, discovered online communities in the 1980s, and have been writing about Apple and personal technology for over three decades. I've written for CompuServe, eWorld, and MacFixit, contributed to books, and presented at Macworld. For the last five years, I've had a syndicated newspaper column titled Bob's Tech Talk. Recently, I've been mentoring a Kodeco iOS Bootcamp and working on an educational app.

Jeremy Greenwood

Jeremy is the Director of Engineering at the digital agency Mobelux in Richmond, VA. When not managing teams, projects, and clients he writes Swift for Apple platforms and servers. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing and ultra endurance racing.

Danijela Vrzan

Danijela is an iOS Developer, writer, and conference speaker. After working as a Civil Engineer for two years, she decided it wasn't the right career choice for her. She went back to school to get a Computer Science degree and got interested in iOS development. She attended the first Kodeco iOS bootcamp in 2020, graduating as one of the top 5 students.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the timeline for this accelerated program?

This program starts on July 1, 2024 and completes the week of September 16, 2024 with live sessions twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, 9pm – 10pm ET.

Can I choose my own start date?

No. These programs are cohort-based, meaning everyone starts and finishes on the same schedule, so all students must start the bootcamp on the planned start date. If the schedule doesn't work for you, consider our On-Demand Bootcamps.


How much time should I plan to dedicate to bootcamp activities each week?

Students should allocate 20-25 hours per week to bootcamp activities, including attending live-sessions, studying content, completing assignments and working on the Capstone App. Content is introduced in the first live-session of the week and should be learned before the second live-session of the week. Homework assignments are given during the second live-session of the week and should be completed over the weekend.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling?

We recommend that you have a bit of exposure to some level of coding or programming, as you’ll be able to keep up with the classes better. If you’ve already worked through our Your First App video courses for iOS or Android, then you’ll be well-prepared for our bootcamps!

As well, you’ll need a fairly modern Windows, Mac or Linux computer to install and run the tools and frameworks needed for this course. (Mac required for the iOS Bootcamp). Check out the individual bootcamp pages for more details on what specific hardware requirements each program has.


You'll also need an internet connection capable of  joining video meetings and streaming or downloading video content. If you'll be traveling during the bootcamp, please consider internet connection issues.

What sort of interview or job preparation is included?

Interview or job preparation is not a part of this bootcamp curriculum. However, students can ask their mentors, who have been through hiring processes many times, for interview and job-hunting advice. Many of our mentors have even been in the position of hiring new employees before, so they are well-suited to help you navigate and stand out in the challenging world of technical interviews.

What will the assignments look like?

Each week of the bootcamp, you'll be given two assignments: 

1. The Content Assignment, which assigns you content you need to read or watch to learn that week’s topic. 
2. The Homework Assignment, which gives you a challenge that will let you apply your learnings and demonstrate mastery of them.

You’ll be applying the lessons you learned from the content of the week to build part of your Capstone App project, and each assignment builds on the last.  Assignments have a rubric to guide you so you know what you need to build for a passing grade. You should expect to spend between 5 and 10 hours each week on your homework.

What if the assignment release schedule doesn’t work for me? Can I work ahead?

Our live bootcamps are structured for a uniform pace rather than individual study times like exclusive weekends or weeknights. This is to ensure a collaborative learning environment where students progress and engage with the material and each other simultaneously.


Letting students work ahead often leads to confusion and anxiety among the peers who are not working ahead. The current schedule is a strategic balance aimed at maximizing collective success.


If the assignment release schedule doesn’t work for you,  consider joining one of  our On-Demand Bootcamps instead.


If I struggle with a concept or homework, can I ask my mentor to hop on a video call to help me?

No, our mentors do not provide on-call video chat support. However, we provide training on how to effectively troubleshoot and get your questions answered asynchronously via text in our bootcamp chat channel. This skill will be valuable throughout your developer career.


If you you fall behind and feel you need additional assistance, you can discuss options with the bootcamp coordinator.


What happens with Daylight Savings Time? Does the live-session time change?

The live-session time is in Eastern Time (ET) and will be affected by Daylight Savings.

EST is 5 hours behind UTC from November to March, while EDT is 4 hours behind UTC from March to November.

If Daylight Savings occurs during your bootcamp, the mentors and Bootcamp Coordinator will remind students beforehand.

What are the requirements for earning a Certificate of Graduation in this bootcamp?

To earn a Certificate of Graduation, students must:

Attend at least 50% of live-sessions during the first 12 weeks.
Submit and receive at least a passing grade on all but one homework assignment.

   - We grade on a pass/fail system. Our assignment rubrics clearly designate what needs to be done to earn a passing grade.
   - Students can resubmit the first week's assignment if needed, and can resubmit one other assignment for regrading later in the bootcamp.

Submit and receive a passing grade on the final Capstone App submission.
Create and submit a short (1-2 minute) video to demo your Capstone App (the video itself is not graded).
Complete a final Student Exit Survey.

If you're not interested in a Certificate, or you realize partway through the bootcamp that you won't meet the requirements for graduation, that's okay! You're welcome to stay in the bootcamp to soak up all the feedback and guidance your mentors will offer.


What happens if I have to withdraw, or I am not able to complete the bootcamp?

If you have to withdraw from the bootcamp before it begins, you may request a refund by emailing support@kodeco.com before the course start date.


After the bootcamp begins, the bootcamp price is non-refundable. We may be able to offer partial refunds for extenuating circumstances, or move you to a future program. Please discuss your particular situation with your mentors and we’ll see what we can do.